Where is advertising headed?

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By Craig Evans

I recently read an article titled '7 Predictions About The Future Of Advertising' (https://goo.gl/FZY9Ak) where industry leaders such as the Global CEO of Wunderman and the VP of Adobe Advertising Cloud gave their opinions on where advertising was heading, who would lead it and what our experiences would be of it over the next 10 years. The prevailing themes were that we are moving towards a landscape where we'll require, rely on and be at the mercy of first party data, even more so than we are today. Detailed personalisation, creating emotional connections with end users, further development of the internet of things and greater accuracy of native will all have to be powered by richer and more reliable first party data.

So how is this going to work?
First party data is a hugely valuable information source, but without proper segmentation and organisation it becomes useless. Think, a Formula 1 car without any wheels – there's just no way it can move without them. This is where the value of data management platform technology will truly come to the fore. DMPs have been around for years and the programmatic industry relies on them wholly to collate and organise their data and learnings, but from my experience the accuracy and detail of segmentation within the platforms has been lacking and there is an opportunity for progress to be made quickly within this area.

Enter; HALO.
ami have created a bespoke solution to this problem through detailed audience segmentation. By basing audience segmentation on product affinity, behavioural characteristics and demographic information our DMP, HALO has proven itself to be a valuable tool in the fight for campaign performance post GDPR, with CPA reductions of up to 200%.

With DMPs set to power the advances and emerging trends within the advertising industry over the coming years, we here at ami believe we're well set to stay ahead of the curve and provide our clients with innovative solutions to their marketing problems.

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