Adgenda Media International (AMI) was established in 2005 as an independent, strategic results-driven media agency.

Our focus is on delivering ROI for our clients based on their commercial objectives, whilst also taking time to understand corporate brand strategies.

We believe in some core fundamentals which guide everything we do.

who we are

Our fundamentals:


We believe that all media should be measurable, goal-driven and 100% accountable to your business success. Our strategy and recommendations are therefore based on clear objectives and a mutual understanding of success.

Data Science

Data Science drives our thinking and we have made significant investments in this area, including ‘Halo’ our stand-alone proprietary DMP, and ‘Insite’ our bespoke response analysis tool.


We’ve long understood how critical good service is to our business - it’s how we built our reputation and why we are happy to have so many long standing clients. Furthermore we believe in true partnerships:

  • with our clients – working closely as consultants, helping them achieve commercial success
  • with other agencies – at all stages of the marketing process
  • with publishers – through delivering innovation and value