McDonalds v Wendys

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By Olivia Curle

Trolling. Defined as ‘The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet’.

Or, as I see it. Wendy’s superpower for marketing success.

If you don’t know who Wendy’s are, they’re an American fast food chain who have become loved by thousands for their trolling of McDonalds on Twitter to their 2.69m followers.

Still not sure what I’m referring to? Well, look below.

Despite being much smaller than McDonalds in America (McDonald’s 37,000 stores compared to Wendy’s 6,500), Wendy’s are managing to absolutely dominate the fast food giant on social media, once again proving social media as an equaliser between big brands and smaller rivals. Wendy’s have created a persona on Twitter, they’ve developed a brand revolved around humour and wit and they’re audience love it.

Wendy’s takes their social media dominance one step further. Their engagement with other Twitter users is formidable, they’re quick wit keeps users engaging with their Tweets in hope they too will get a direct response from Wendy’s. This ultimately maintains a constant level of social engagement with the brand and keeps their followers loyal.

But what can we learn from Wendy’s social prowess?

1. Humanise your brand
There’s nothing better than connecting with your consumers, be authentic.

2. Unleash creativity
Don’t be afraid to have fun with your advertising, brand campaigns especially beg for innovation. Find an angle that works and roll with it.

3. Disrupt the status quo
You are your own brand, so act like it. Don’t focus on what your competitors are doing, look at what makes your brand great and amplify that.

McDonald’s if you’re reading this, I still love you but I might just be a Wendy’s girl.