London Loop

who we are
By Jessica Tosh

In February 2018 Adgenda and partnered together to launch a London based art competition with the aim to promote their platform and offer artists the opportunity to display their artwork on over 70 digital poster sites in central London and a grand prize of £10,000! Over 2,000 artists entered 5,000 works, and 1,200 works were showcased on the streets of London. Each artist could enter up to 5 original pieces and the public were able to vote up their favourites. There are many art competitions in London however the public voting aspect of Loop London made this campaign truly unique, offering many aspiring artists the chance to display their work in the city centre without having to face steep entry fees and strict judging panels.

I studied Fine Art Painting & Drawing at university and still spend a large amount of my free time drawing; having heard about the campaign in it’s early planning stages I thought it would be great to try out, and maybe even get my work on a few posters. I entered 4 pencil drawings (shown above) at the very start of the campaign and proceeded to harass every single person I know/have ever met for their votes, (“have you voted?!”, “has your mum voted?!”, “does your nan have an email address?!”) Sorry, not at all sorry!

After 2 weeks Loop started the poster phase; each day the top 10 works in each category would get an email at midnight telling them where their art would be displayed the following day. Thanks to my shameless campaigning, and maybe a few actual voters, I managed to have all 4 drawings in the top 4 positions, and three of my drawings were displayed for the first few days. I would have had all four however the gun-hand got disqualified for inciting violence… Oops!

Each day the votes would refresh, so only the people with the most votes that day would have their work displayed, making it very tough to stay at the top. As soon as the posters went live the popularity of the competition exploded, and unfortunately my drawing started to drop below the top 10. It was a shame that I didn’t finish as well as I started however I’m more than pleased with what I managed to achieve!

To announce the winners of each category, and the grand prize of £10,000, Loop hosted a final party in Shoreditch, to which I received an artist invite. There we were able to meet all the shortlisted artists and Loop presented the finalists with their awards.