Digital outdoor advertising on EV charging docks

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By Poppy Edwards

In recent years we have seen a surge in people buying into electric transport. This is largely due to a demand for more sustainable travel that is Eco-friendly. It has been estimated that there will be around 200,000 Electric vehicles on Britain’s roads alone by the end of 2018. With this many vehicles on the road, there is an obvious need for an increase in charging docks. In 2018 there will be around 1,000 chargers introduced to the UK.

Certain companies recognized a gap in the market for potential advertising space. In 2017 Ensto introduced the first digital outdoor advertisement built within an electric vehicle charging station. What massively works in favour of the companies wishing to place their adverts on the charging docks is that, because they are so scarce in the UK, every single advert will large targeted each. Therefore, it can be considered a highly effective new method of outdoor digital advertising. In the UK this is a fairly new venture. A good example of where this is thriving is in the US- specifically the company Volta which is a start-up based in San Francisco. Here, we can see a carefully thought out method of ensuring the adverts reach a large audience. Essentially, Volta do not charge the customer for how much electricity they are using. Instead Volta have used it as a platform to generate profit from advertising. It has been recorded that in the US, digital signage generates on average 400% more views compared to stationary signage.

An example of clever creative content included on the electrical charging docks is the Monterey Bay Aquarium who used to the slogan 'go with the current'. In being selective with the campaigns that they choose to place on the charging stations there is the hope that intelligent campaigns with encourage people to talk about not only the content of the advert but also encourage discussion about electric cars. Volta are hoping people will share what they see on the adverts on social media.

The engineering behind the charging docks are created in order to withstand testing conditions. They are built to be unaffected by extreme weather conditions, with 1080p resolution for clear picture- 24/7 effective advertising. These EV charging stations are a great opportunity as per charging station, there are a vast number of individual users, globally. The conclusion of this is that the benefits of this newly emerging way of outdoor advertising are vast. The beauty of digital signage is that the ability to change the content frequently, meeting customers demand for something fresh every time. I feel as though this is the kind of innovative advertising is something that we should strive for on a larger scale in the UK.