Data = Insight…
Insight = Data

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By Chris McSwiney

Spotify ran a hugely successful ad campaign at the end of 2016 based on a smart insight they found whilst looking inwards at their own consumer behaviour data.

With a product like Spotify, they have the unique opportunity to monitor exactly how their services are being used - no need to survey or questionnaire here. Looking at the user data, they found that the music people listen to can be a reflection of how people feel about the events happening in their lives.

People having an emotional connection with music is hardly big news, it’s the way in which they do it - creating playlists, frequency of listens, repetition etc. - that is interesting. They found links between social and cultural events and ‘weird’ music streaming behaviour.
So there’s the unique insight. The simple idea of throwing these weird patterns and stats back at us in advertising, is the genius marketing idea.

Not only was data insight behind the marketing strategy, it became the subject of the campaign - Data is the thing.

Various nuggets of data were displayed on key large outdoor sites in 14 countries around the world. The combination of funny, interesting and weird user habits presented on large format, Out of Home media turned the genius marketing idea into a successful marketing campaign.

Out of Home is a powerful medium; ads that are put in front of and consumed by crowds. Fixed in time and place, they create a physical scene and can’t be closed, deleted or thrown away. Ideal when all you want people to do is read a short message

‘Dear 3,749 people who streamed “it’s the end of the world as we know it” the day of the Brexit vote, hang in there.’

Even better when you want people to connect with the message in a collective way. That same group that stood on the tube platform June 23rd 2016 with a sense of dread, now stand together consuming your marketing, finding it funny.

The idea evolved into their ‘2018 Goals’ campaign, whereby the same quirks in user data were used to create humorous messages of optimism for 2018 – ‘Keep your jacket on. “Man’s not hot” by Big Shaq streamed over 42,756,267 times this year. Seriously.’

Spotify made great use of their own data – they looked at it without an agenda or goal, the patterns stood out to them and the insight appeared.