Our mission was to stimulate sales inquiries for Volta Trucks, even as their product was still in the prototype phase, a formidable task in an industry where tactile product interaction is often preferred.


Primarily C-suite executives and Business Decision Makers (BDMs) entrenched in fleet management, operations, logistics, and finance. The geographical scope spanned the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.


Our approach amalgamated the potency of paid search and the reach of social platforms, specifically LinkedIn and Meta. We meticulously ensured uniform market penetration across our target regions. By incorporating brand awareness tactics alongside our direct response objective, we created a holistic campaign. The uniqueness lay in our real-time evaluation of leads. By seamlessly integrating Volta Trucks’ CRM into our reporting framework, we could instantly gauge lead quality and progression.

Results highlights

Series B Funding

Series C Funding

Surge in Web Traffic of

Results Overview

The numbers underscore the triumph of our strategy. Volta Trucks’ fundraising was supercharged, raising €37 million in Series B funding and a staggering €230 million in Series C. Moreover, the campaign achieved a below target cost per customer lead in Q1 2022.

The inclusion of Meta in our advertising mix proved pivotal for campaign performance. The domino effect it had on other channels was evident. Performance metrics, tracked in Q1 2022, showcased a consistent upward trend with the most optimal CPAs and highest lead volumes. Year-on-Year, the traffic to the site saw a surge of 85% between Q1 2021 and Q1 2022. Additionally, customer form completions, a direct indication of lead quality, skyrocketed by 69% when juxtaposing Q4 2021 against Q1 2022 data. Furthermore, the cost per customer lead plummeted by 56% in the same comparative period.

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