While holding a robust footprint in Europe, particularly in Germany, Productsup aimed to magnify its presence in the competitive US market. Concurrently, they aspired to position themselves as the vanguard in the Product to Consumer (P2C) domain, taking the mantle of navigating the tumultuous waters of ‘Commerce Anarchy’.


Our target was dual-tiered: Primarily, the marketing cadre and chief digital directors operating at manager levels and above. Secondly, and crucially, the enterprise echelons comprising the CDOs and CMOs.


To gain traction, Productsup fostered strategic partnerships with prominent publishing titans: the IQ network in Germany and the Financial Times in the US. This collaboration birthed a two-phase content blitz, churning out a series of 14 edifying articles. These pieces were meticulously crafted to enlighten the target audience on the novel P2C paradigm and spell out Productsup’s pivotal role in streamlining the e-commerce bedlam.

Results highlights

Robust brand association and amplified reach, particularly among senior decision-makers.

German content consistently eclipsed performance benchmarks with engagement rates increasing to
and dwell times ranging between 2-4 minutes

In the US, a formidable
surge in pageviews over the forecast, predominantly from the coveted C-Suite audience

Results Overview

Productsup’s inaugural advertising venture bore fruit with compelling brand affiliations. The German campaign, especially with the IQ network, was a resounding success, outperforming their benchmarks by an impressive 15%. This indicated a keen interest and deep engagement with the content among readers.

The US strategy with the Financial Times granted access to a predominantly C-Suite readership, with 44% of the discerned audience in these top-tier roles. Notably, amidst these milestones, Productsup secured a whopping $70M in Series B funding, underscoring the campaign’s underlying success.

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