With fundraising crippled by the COVID-19 pandemic, Miracles faced a critical threat to its operations. The charity needed an innovative approach to sustain its mission of supporting children in poverty during school holidays.


The campaign targeted a wide audience spectrum predominantly in London reaching potential donors, funds, trusts, government bodies, potential corporate partners, schools and community partners.


Leveraging ami’s strategic insight, the Feed London project was launched. The campaign employed a multi-tiered marketing approach, integrating high-impact print and OOH in top publications and across London, complemented by a targeted digital strategy using programmatic display, search, and social media. A key success factor was ami’s close integration with the Miracles team, leading to significant partnerships with entities like Liberty London, ALMT, the FT, and West Ham United FC.

Results highlights


Growth of
in 3 years

Fundraising Impact:
Attracted numerous partners and supporters, significantly boosting fundraising efforts

Results Overview

The Feed London campaign’s multi-tiered strategy led to a substantial increase in brand awareness, community engagement, and fundraising. The initiative’s success was marked by its ability to resonate with and mobilise a broad audience, from grassroots supporters to high-profile partnerships, fundamentally enhancing Miracles’ capacity to support vulnerable children.


ami’s partnership, agility, and insight were pivotal in the development and success of Feed London. Their approach fundamentally changed our operations and enabled us to survive and thrive through the pandemic. This collaboration has set a new standard in how we engage with our community and supporters.

James Burton, Project Director, Miracles

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