Hamptons, a 150-year-old established brand, faced the challenge of evolving its perception to appeal to a younger audience amidst a competitive market. The goal was not only to shift perception but also to increase brand awareness, consideration and ultimately the number of instructions (MA’s) in their portfolio.


Affluent individuals aged 24 and above, specifically within Hamptons’ geo catchment area.


To meet the challenge head-on, we rolled out an omni-channel approach that combined the broad reach of TV – using Channel 4 and Sky Adsmart – with the precision of display channels, property homepage takeovers, and paid social media. This integrated strategy aimed to synergize different media platforms to heighten awareness, drive web traffic, and stimulate interest. With video ads to boost engagement and specific geo-targeting tailored to Hamptons’ areas of operation, we also leveraged premium publisher partnerships, positioning the Hamptons brand alongside other esteemed brands to further elevate its perception.

Results highlights

Brand Awareness

Brand Consideration Jump

Direct Traffic Conversions

Results Overview

Hamptons experienced a marked shift in brand awareness, with figures climbing an incredible 50% by the end of 2022. This shift wasn’t just in numbers; the brand also saw a palpable change in its perception. With the introduction of the new TV ad in January 2023, Hamptons witnessed both a surge in its brand index and a shift in brand perception, elevating its rank to the 2nd position within its competitor set. Data from YouGov further solidified this growth, with Hamptons moving up four places in brand consideration against its main competitors. The cherry on top? A whopping 179% increase in direct traffic conversions year-over-year in the first year post-brand refresh.

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