Fettle aimed to carve a niche for itself as a dominant player in the sexual health testing arena, desiring a pivot in how sexual health testing is perceived. Competing against a backdrop of both free and aggressive lead-generating paid testing providers, and constrained by a modest marketing budget, the challenge was to augment brand consideration and lay down a blueprint for commercially productive future endeavours.


Singles aged 20-35 in Manchester and Glasgow.


By delving deep into Fettle’s e-commerce metrics, we discerned revenue streams by city. We juxtaposed this data against population counts, media costs, and availability, which illuminated Glasgow and Manchester as the optimal campaign locales. A localised competitor analysis showed a lacuna in brand activity, providing Fettle with an opportunity to outshine. Using audience data, we curated channels that our demographic resonated with, specifically those that seldom portrayed comedic content. This allowed our ‘Fettle Fits’ whimsical campaign to truly stand out. We endorsed a combination of OOH, Mobile, Social, and Audio (specifically in Glasgow) as our platforms of choice.

Results highlights

Surge in Organic Traffic

Incremental YOY Traffic Increase

Target Area Ad Click Growth

Results Overview

The numbers bore testament to our strategic precision. The campaign heralded a 30% growth in organic traffic and a remarkable 35% year-on-year upswing during the campaign timeline. There was an 18% rise in fresh user traffic when compared against the pre-campaign metrics. The specific target regions, Manchester and Glasgow, saw an astonishing 115% boom in ad clicks, fortifying Fettle’s footprint in those areas.

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