The key objective was to significantly drive brand awareness around their new EMS software, ensuring a successful launch of the category. Our target KPIs encompassed both brand awareness and traffic generation directed towards the EMS landing page.


Our primary focus was senior leaders from Fortune 2000 businesses – including CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and functional heads spanning areas such as finance & administration, customer service, sales, operations, production, and IT. Our priority markets were North America, the UK, Ireland, DACH, and BeNeLux. Additionally, we also aimed at secondary markets like Iberia, France, and the NORDICS.


Over a span of 4 months, we orchestrated a multifaceted campaign that aimed for maximum impact. We established content partnerships with three globally recognizsed publishers. In addition, we leveraged speaker opportunities on the CIO forum with WSJ and a roundtable session with The campaign spanned high-impact print, Out-Of-Home advertising, podcasts, targeted display, and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tactics.

Results highlights


Funds Raised
in Series D Funding

Brand Awareness Uplift
in news and social coverage

Results Overview

Our campaign for Celonis led to a remarkable uptick in brand recognition. By measuring pre and post data, we observed a significant 60% surge in mentions across social platforms. Furthermore, spontaneous mentions of Celonis as a provider of EMS reached 7%. The news and social exposure for the brand amplified by an impressive 61%. Our focused efforts not only elevated brand awareness but also drove considerable traffic to the Celonis site and specific landing pages, with a 58% boost in organic search Year-on-Year. The EMS content page views experienced a 35% growth Period-on-Period. Through our strategic media channels, we garnered a staggering 59.9 million total media impressions, an average Click Through Rate (CTR) of 0.99%, and an average dwell time on articles of 1 minute and 20 seconds, underscoring the campaign’s resonance with the targeted audience.


The challenge was to bring this story to life and put it in front of our unique audience in a compelling way. We were thrilled with the quality of the final campaign as well as the results. The interactive articles became a focal point of our campaign, driving both brand awareness and lead-generating downloads of our Benchmarks Report.

Brandon Ortiz, Vice President Marketing Execution, Celonis

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