CAPCO faced the ongoing task of promoting Covent Garden as a must-visit retail spot, despite the fluctuating dynamics of both local Londoners and tourists. The objective was to fortify Covent Garden’s allure amidst rising competition, ensuring both the main client and its myriad retail tenants flourished.


With a dual focus on London’s locals and global tourists, our audience spanned savvy shoppers, cultural enthusiasts, and those looking for unique urban experiences, irrespective of their geographic origins.


Our approach was rooted in collaboration. We formed a tight-knit alliance with the client team and brought other partner agencies (notably, Creative and PR) into the fold to sculpt a holistic media strategy. To maximize resonance and reach, we leveraged PR coverage through content partnerships. Our deployment of digital OOH was highly targeted; we handpicked locations and ensured day-part buying to enhance impact and streamline budget. Furthermore, the streets of London became our canvas, as we used taxi wraps to drive visibility. To ensure an omnipresent digital touchpoint, mobile display ads were strategically positioned.

Results highlights

Footfall Surge
Visitors directly attributed

Website Engagement
Marked uplift in user interactions

Social Growth
Spike in Instagram followers

Results Overview

Our multifaceted campaign brought tangible triumphs for CAPCO’s Covent Garden. Footfall saw a significant surge, with a standout campaign bringing in over 10,000 visitors directly. But the impact was not merely physical; online domains also reaped the rewards. There was a clear uptick in website engagement, reflecting a more interactive and intrigued user base. Social media, a critical barometer in today’s digital age, also bore witness to our efforts. A singular campaign was instrumental in inflating the base of Instagram followers by an impressive 16%, establishing a stronger digital community and amplifying the destination’s reach.

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