Previously Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) activities didn’t produce any consistent or observable uplift in brand metrics. Tasked with the goal of boosting brand awareness in a cost-effective manner, BCN turned to us to launch a novel, long-term marketing campaign targeting women aged 45–69. This campaign not only had to reach this demographic efficiently but also create a pronounced impact on brand recognition and live up to the brand’s ambitious marketing objectives.


While younger women lean more towards social media and mobile platforms, our target demographic of 45–69 years showcases a preference for TV and print, with TV and radio securing the highest trust.


Recognising the potential of adjusting media exposure based on regional cost fluctuations to amplify brand visibility, we adopted a test-and-learn methodology. Concentrating all marketing efforts on one primary region at a time provided an optimal environment to monitor brand movement. If this pilot approach bore fruit, the intention was to progressively extend it region by region, aiming for a comprehensive UK campaign over an expected span of 3-4 years.

Results highlights

Biggest Growth Among Competitors
increase in brand awareness during the campaign (YouGov Direct).

Improved Brand Relations
Notable rise in the consideration to donate and other brand metrics.

Enhanced Ad Receptivity with ‘Real Talk’ TV campaign
increase in ad awareness (YouGov Direct).

Results Overview

Choosing to advertise during a period saturated with similar content was a bold, yet fruitful decision. Post-campaign brand tracking demonstrated that, in the test region, Breast Cancer Now emerged with the most significant growth against their competitor set. The “Real Talk” linear TV campaign played a pivotal role in this achievement, not only in driving brand awareness but also in strengthening other brand metrics, including the consideration to donate.

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