Ballymore presented us with the task of executing a campaign tailored to generate high-quality registrations for three of their London developments. The primary objective was to not just achieve this goal but to do it as cost-effectively as possible.


Potential real estate buyers and investors interested in London properties, spanning from local residents to international investors.


Recognising the evolving landscape of property marketing, we embarked on Ballymore’s maiden all-digital campaign. By leveraging premium display, search and social channels, we harnessed the ability to segment our approach into numerous audience groups and sub-groups. This granular approach provided an opportunity to test a multitude of creative themes, both in terms of imagery and content, to discern which resonated best with our audience. Such testing yielded valuable insights and drove commendable performance. Furthermore, the ability to allocate budgets across channels, based on real-time performance, ensured our CPA consistently met the mark, efficiently capturing demand. A cherry on top was the integration with Ballymore’s CRM system, granting us the capability to assess the quality of each enquiry in detail.

Results highlights

Audience Insights:
Enhanced understanding of creative and messaging impact

CPA Reduction

CRM Integration:
Seamless measurement of enquiry quality

Results Overview

The campaign’s success surpassed expectations, culminating in a substantial 63% reduction in the average Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). This strategic all-digital venture not only achieved its core objective but also garnered deeper insights into the effectiveness of various creative and messaging strategies. These learnings, as already evidenced, are instrumental in shaping Ballymore’s future marketing decisions, ensuring continued success in their endeavors.

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