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🪧 An insightful article on how OOH advertising should be done better, based on research. There is a lot of useful stuff packed into a limited word count, so rather than summarising I encourage you to take a look.


🛍️ Temu has a bizarre marketing strategy – it outspends and outbids everyone. This article is a very interesting insight into what they are doing and how this has been working for them. The scale and impact of Temu’s advertising is insane, and it got 20% of US adults to use the app within 1 year of launching. But is it a strong result for a company that appears to have all the money in the world for marketing? And is it more effective to overspend in order to grow fast rather than take a more measured approach? How much more can you grow before plateauing if you maintain this strategy? There are no answers to these questions yet, that’s why Temu is such an interesting case study to observe.


🔎 Search Generative Experience (when AI gives you the answer without the need to click on a website) is already a common thing within search results and affecting brand SEO. This article gives good pointers on what marketers need to think about in order to adapt.


🤖 Google is releasing an AI chatbot feature in Google Ads that with some guidance can create an entire campaign: ad text, images and even campaign keywords. This is still in Beta and for English speaking campaigns only. It also requires a well-populated website for AI to be able to do the job well and human guidance for adjustments, but ultimately it aims to make campaign set up easier and faster. AMI is currently testing this feature.


🎨 Berlin beer company spoofs Calvin Klein ad we shared two weeks ago. Trying to cut through by riding a media trend is a common tactic, and it appears to be good for everyone: fun to watch for the consumer, good for the big brand as it extends the campaign’s unprompted effects and good for the little brand which gets stickier attention, even if for a short time.


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